Leaning against the bathroom wall for physical support, she yearns for the emotional support. Swollen eyes, pale face and apathy towards everyone was what she had reduced to. She needed him but he was nowhere to be found.

She admired him for as long as she knew him. His stories served as a beacon of hope for her depression. His culinary skills were beyond divine and he never ceased to surprise her with his ambrosial meals. Her mother never approved of their relationship. “You’re too dependent on him” she had said time and again but she refused to listen.

As she splashes cold water on her face, she prepares herself to face everyone who stands on the opposite side of the bathroom door waiting to sympathize with her. She knew he was going to depart  but she didn’t expect it to happen so soon. She opens the door with a heavy heart and approaches whatever is left of him- his limp body draped in a white cloth. Besides him, there lay a greeting card she had made for him when she was 12. It read – “ Get well soon, Grandpa.”


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