She lay on the bed right next to him; bared. Looking into his eyes, hoping to see the emotion she felt while he laid still; not an inch of movement to be seen. Mentally, he’s afar. All her attempts at conceiving a conversation were futile till she gave up and slumber overpowered her dissatisfaction.

            For the first time in months, she dreamt. But they weren’t the dreams she had hoped to see. It wasn’t a happy place. Darkness and nefariousness were what she saw. She saw him, walking away from her without an ounce of regret or pain whilst she stood still sobbing her heart out. He’d come back to her just to walk over her all over again yet she never grew tired of it until she saw him with another…

            She woke up to find him upright, buttoning his shirt, all ready to depart. She’d see him again tonight, he said. Maybe that’s all she was to him, an object to lust upon…


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