The Letter.



Dear somebody that I used to know,

Hi, there. I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re safe, secure and most importantly happy. Oh, no! Do not feel guilty for not staying in touch with me. To be honest, I still get my annual ‘Happy Birthday! Have fun and take care’ messages. Aren’t those a delight?!

Well, the purpose of this is not to slander you or make you feel worse about anything, it’s plain and simple – there are certain things which have to be said and it’s really been a while now. I had hoped that you would come around by now, but that did not happen.

I’d just like you to know that I do miss you some days. Some days when I read our conversations, I do miss a friend who’s long lost. However, here’s the glitch… I still need you to trust me. Trust me with all the memories we’ve shared, all the secrets we’ve spilled, all the bitching we’ve done, all the nights we stayed up talking for hours, all the days when you broke down, all of them. Trust me to take them with me to my grave.

We may never talk anymore, that does not imply that I’m going to rat you out to someone someday. You were a chapter in my book, maybe not the favourite one but definitely the most valuable one. Valuable in terms of experience and the lessons you taught me. I might sound philosophical and ideal right now; some day you will understand.

Till then, just trust me and keep those annual birthday texts coming…



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  1. Reblogged this on That Chick Who Writes. and commented:
    When this female writes a letter I want to send off to a million people that I used to know. This is so beauitful, and in a twisted way, intrepid.


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