Best friend.

Just those lonely nights,
When she lay awake in her room,
In dire need of a distraction,
As tiny droplets roll down her cheek,
Ruining her pillow case.

She needs him,
Her best friend,
Who’d pick her up,
And lift her spirits,
But his place is occupied by a void.

A void that’s nothing on some days,
Everything on the others,
A void that just grows with time,
Sort of a numbness,
Sort of a tornado.

She wanted that void to vanish,
Her sadness fed off that emptiness,
Nihilism accruing every lonely night.

Rivulets turning to streams,
The heart filled with sorrow,
Flashback of memories,
Epiphany of the reality.

She quietly dabs her tears,
Wraps herself tight,
Wanders to her dreamland,
To finally meet her best friend.


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