Was it?

Deep into their silly conversation, he abruptly questioned – Why do you love me so much? Taken aback by the question, she looked at him dumbfounded while her mind was travelling at the speed of light. Why did she love him, she was curious.

Was it because of his soft brown eyes which were always looking out for answers or his full lips which invited every kiss? Was it because he always spoke his mind or because his emotions ran deep? Was it because he was as cheerful as a toddler or because he was the wisest person she knew? Was because of the way his nose turned red every time he sneezed or the way the wind tousled his hair perfectly? Was it because he pretended to be stoic or because he supported her through every situation? Was it because of the way he looked at her or the way he pulled her close whenever they hugged?

Befuddled, she looks at him; with a shrug she replies – I really don’t know.


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