Letter #1


You ask for apathy. I’ll give you apathy. Indifference is my Forte. I’ll teach you how it’s done. We’ll see how well my compliance works for you.

I have often wondered what’s worse – apathy or antipathy. Now I know, it’s apathy. Because once I give up, do not ask me why I turned stoic. Do not let your heart even wonder why I did what I did. Your answer will be right in front of you only if you’re aware enough to see it.

It’s very easy to be indifferent. There’s a reason why ignorance is bliss. I’ve been human for far too long and indifference has aided me more than the emotions. It does not surprise me anymore why nobody cares. We’ve evolved that way.

However, if I could I would reverse the evolution and hopefully, get it right this time. Do I miss emotions? Yes! I most certainly do. I crave those days when friendship and love had a meaning. Where friends were not a stepping stone to success but a buttress for the same.

I do wonder if our humanity is a switch. If we switch it on and off according to our convenience. Or if we buy emotions and sell it at occasions where we ‘need’ to portray a glimpse of them.

I hope I don’t reach the apogee of my apathy. I hope that for you, too. I hope that for everyone I cross paths with for as beautiful as indifference seems, emotions always get the upper hand.


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