The best friend across the street.

It’s a delightful Sunday morning (ahem, noon) and I’m blissfully sitting by my window, sipping on a concoction of lemon and honey.

My phone buzzes and it’s a message from my childhood friend, who lives just across the street. We talk for a while, catching up with each other, because we haven’t seen each other for a while. As this process continues, a thought shoots across my mind like a meteor in the sky. However, unlike the meteor, it stays there. Stuck.

Now, to think of it… She lives just across the street. It would not take me more that minute to reach her. Yet, I am here, talking to her as if she’s a long lost friend, saying things like – How have you been doing and we should really meet soon.

I close the conversation and suddenly think of the time when we were kids, always together and always upto something. There was a brief phase wherein we decided that we needed to stay in constant touch (obviously, I’m not revealing why we thought we needed that. Like I said, we were always upto something!)

In order to do that, we came up with genius but non feasible ideas and finally dropped it; we said – “Let’s get older quickly and get a cell phone! Then we’ll always stay in touch.”

So, here I am – With a ‘smart’ phone in my hand but I still land up saying things like “We should meet up soon.” and “How have you been doing?!” to my best friend who lives just across the street.


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