An ode to 3 a.m

3 a.m is magic,
3 a.m is poetry,
3 a.m is art,
3 a.m is music.

3 a.m is comfort,
3 a.m is promise,
3 a.m is tears,
3 a.m is lust.

3 a.m is food for creativity,
It’s a river of emotion.
3 a.m is a haven for love,
It’s a reason to shed inhibitions.

It’s when a nyctophobic finds security in the pitch darkness,
And the eerie silence becomes inviting.

It’s when a city halts and the artist awakens,
The good sleeps and the maleficent rises.

It’s when everything falls into place,
And everything is destroyed.

3 a.m is a paradox,
A paradox that lets a writer within an engineer live,
A paradox which allows a feminist to enjoy pampering.

3 a.m is love, life and beyond…


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