What I learnt from my semi-solo trip…

Firstly, let me define what semi-solo means. Semi-solo here implies the absence of a best friend who ALWAYS accompanies me plus the fact that I did have some friends around and 68 unknown people.

Now it might not seem like a great deal that a female went on a trip with her friends and calls it a ‘Semi-Solo’ trip but nevertheless, it did teach me a thing or two-

A. I am insanely difficult : It took me a while to let this fact settle in but I am difficult. Okay, maybe not insanely because I do comply frequently and don’t whine ‘unnecessarily’ but I am definitely not the most easy-going of the lot.

B. I am insanely lucky : Why? Because I had a bunch of friends who literally were the best. They held my hand when I was finding it difficult to descend. They decreased their speed 10,000 times to match my pace! Just saying, I love you guys!

C. Drunk calling your friends is ABSOLUTELY okay : Of course, how else are you going to tell them that you adore them and life would suck without them ?

D. Nice people exist : There were a bunch of people I had never met before but they were just so helpful and sweet. They were not obliged to help me out and similarly, I was obliged to help them out. But we did.

E. I MADE IT : No matter how much I whined and how close I was to crying because my feet hurt, my head spun… I made it! Somehow, I made it to the top and even came down. It seemed nearly impossible but it happened!

PS- The descend was the worst.


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