I’m more.

I’m more than my flesh.
I’m more than the curve of my waist.
I’m more than my protruding collarbone.
I’m more than my elongated neck.
I’m more…

I’m my quirks.
I’m my weird laughter that lurks.
I’m my mood swings.
I’m my cravings.

I’m the way the tear escapes my eye.
I’m the way my nostrils flare.
I’m the way I try to lie.
I’m the way I shoot a glare.

I’m the anger that turns to rivulets.
I’m the happiness that summits.
I’m the pain that yells.
I’m the hope that dwells.

I’m the way I slouch after a bad day.
I’m the way I wet my lips when nervous.
I’m the way I run my finger through my hair.
I’m the way my skin breaks out.

I’m the little sparkle in my chocolate eyes.
I’m the greed for more fries.
I’m a semi dimple on my right cheek.
I’m the eyeliner which is sometimes on fleek.

I’m my ripped jeans and loose t-shirts.
I’m my stolen kisses and dreamy eyes.
I’m my five inch heels and sneakers.
I’m my drama, anger and lies.

I’m the way my heart beats.
I’m the way my emotions feel.
I’m the way the blood pulses through my veins.
I’m the way my wounds heal.

And still, I’m more.
I’m more than the pout I can’t perfect.
I’m more than the scars that persist.
I’m more than the perfect body I desire.
I’m more than the physical manifestation.

I’m more and beyond…


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  1. Oh, you’re so much more than that. And I love you for all that you are! :*


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