Her lips quivered; his lips mildly tugging on hers.
Her first kiss; his most forbidden one.

She felt the heat liberating from his mouth, closing the distance between them. The intensity of his emotion towards her. There were no barriers to hold him, nobody to guide her.

She felt his hands moving along her spine. It was an aching contrast – the heat of his hands moving up and the chills travelling down her spine. Or maybe, she did not have a spine anymore…

He devoured her. One smooth movement after another. Like a well oiled machine. Knowing exactly what to do next. While she stood there, abiding by his words, conforming to his actions and sealing the gates of her mind shut.

He loved her, she loved him.
But not all girls are daddy’s pretty princesses.
Some of them become his perennial prostitutes.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Tejas Sarma says:

    The best one yet. Not because it’s incest ;p


    1. mangledwings says:

      Don’t you have some ‘studying’ to be done?


  2. Tejas Sarma says:

    Reading this won’t take more than a minute. And that too during a break.


  3. Tejas Sarma says:

    And a great diversion from Power Electronics at least. đŸ™ˆ


  4. Tejas Sarma says:

    Especially when it’s the last thing to do before ending the day


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