He began his journey. His destiny called out to him.

He had been hiding for far too long; suppressed on innumerable occasions. There were days, those precious days, when he was ready. He was ready to set his foot out; to embark upon his true calling.

But Faith had some other plans. Faith would not set him free because she believed. She believed in the good. She hoped and she cared. She could not let go of him; he was treacherous.

Every suppressed memory made him mightier. His frustration and anger, piling up. The universe had plans for him and he was due. It was time to fulfill his purpose.

Faith resisted but failed miserably. What seemed like a beautiful day turned stormy when he decided to storm out. She gave in and set him free.

He rolled down her cheek, travelling along her smooth skin. The tear succumbed to his destiny.


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  1. Tejas Sarma says:

    Beautifully written


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