Maybe I’m drifting away,
Away from you,
Away from your chaos…

I flow, like the mighty river, I flow. But I’m not abundant anymore. My heart is feeble and my soul is parched. I’m reduced to a stream, flowing with all her might.

Even the life within me is giving up. I’m dying; killing others along with me. I have no choice, my dear, I have none. You, like other humans, have choked me and taken me for granted.

I can not provide for you anymore. I can barely breathe. Every breath I take, I praise the heavens, knowing that any of them will be my last.

Even now, I do not blame you. How could I? I have loved you and nurtured you. I’ve nurtured your emotions like the river nurtured the vegetation. You consumed me. Your greed consumed me.

I bid you farewell, my love. I can not dissolve your chaos, I’m saturated with your toxins.

I hope you find a more abundant river to satiate your hunger. But we’re not meant to be.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tejas Sarma says:

    Makes me wanna drift away too 😜


    1. mangledwings says:

      Drift away, human. Sab Moh Maya Hai.


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