Why I write.

It’s past midnight and the writer wants to awaken. It’s no longer the blood that flows through my veins, it’s words. It’s the need to write and the need to express that surges through my body.

In this moment, I’m no longer a friend, a daughter, a sister. I’m no longer a student who has an exam to prepare for. I’m a mere human with a basic need – The need to express.

It’s overwhelming and humbling. I could have had the most pompous day but my day concludes with the need to write. I could have been mourning all day, but all I need to do is write.

It is a compulsion? No, it isn’t. It’s love and passion. It’s a vent. It’s to set myself free. Writing is what wings are to a bird – they can move but they can’t fly without it.

I do not write to impress, I write to express.
I write to be happy.


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