He was an intelligent man, the kind that influenced everyone around him. He had carved his glory in a wall of stone. He built his ladder to success and his fate showered him with gifts. That was when he met her…

Rouge lips and deep eyes, she was the most perfect entity he had ever encountered. Introverted by nature, it took it upon himself to unfold her mysteries. More often than not, he was baffled by her beauty and her charisma. She was the Goddess of Beauty; her slender, glistening neck invited him, teased him and left him breathless. He was falling in love and she was just complying.

It was a tough day when he returned home to find her there, standing tall with all her curves inviting him. Was it love or was it lust? He didn’t know. Neither did he care. Summoning courage from every crevice of his body, he walked towards her and held her for the first time. Needless to say, he wasn’t satisfied. He wanted more, he needed more. He closed the distance between their mouth, slowly and cautiously.

Their lips met for the very first time and he could feel the fireworks within himself. Her devoured her, feeling her sweet tongue glide over his. It was magic. It was beyond.

And that’s how he fell in love with Sherry. The Massandra Sherry of 1775.


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