Questions and Hope.

It’s almost 3 a.m, it’s that time when I’m almost asleep, but partially awake. I love it here. I truly, do.
This tranquil state of slumber has me filled with positivity. It’s one of the most content feelings to ever surge through my heart. In this moment, in this place, there are no wars or diseases to worry about ; there isn’t inflation or poverty to combat.
Reality being, it’s not 3 a.m everywhere. There’s no tranquility. As I am filled with love and hope, someone else on the opposite side of the world is perhaps being stripped of the same. Where I picture a beautiful golden silhouette like light beam illuminating my home, someone sees a frigid monster dawning upon him like a moonless night.
Someone else is probably crying for help while I comfortably snuggle in my blanket. It’s all too fickle. My moments of peace could very well turn into nightmares with one tiny ripple in this pond of hopes.
Doesn’t that make you wonder how fragile you actually are? How it just takes a moment to destroy perfection? How it just takes a scar to change your perception? How it just takes one small regret to alter your life choices?
And yet, the naivety consumes me, as my clock strikes 3 and I drift off to feel the Golden silhouette of hope.


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