To the men in my life…

Hello, there!
How’s life?

This one’s for you. Yes, you. When you put me down and thought that I’ll stay there, when you tried to suppress me expecting no retaliation.

To my beloved father who believed in me and yet did not – you’ve taught me well, in fact better than what you’d like. Your daughter knows how to take a stand. You looked down on me when I donned a pair of shorts, cursing my mother for not ‘teaching’ me how to dress. Guess what, I have a stand, a voice, a taste and a choice.

To me dearest exes and next-s, I hope never again will you even consider toying with another woman. I was good to you, I still am. Don’t take me for granted. I apologized profusely, not to nurture your ginormous male ego, but to nurture the relationship. All the best trying to win me back after the horrendous things you’ve blurted to me face. I respected you, you had to extend the same courtesy to me. You may go run back to your exes, for I’m long gone. Believe me, I’ve never NEEDED you.

To my male friends who ogle at my breasts, thinking that I do not notice – Well, guess what I DO. When you try to sneak a peek while I bend over to pick up my notes, I notice. I’m not as ignorant as you believe me to be.

To the incessantly admonishing men I’ve worked with, your advice does me no good. I don’t want to be more ‘feminine’ or work in a ‘female appropriate’ environment because you cannot keep it in your pants.

To all those men I’ve yet to meet, I hope you read this. I hope you realise that I’m a human, above all…


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