It’s a long, dreary night. She sits by her balcony,  listening to the sound of rain over her roof. The rain, the once soothing rain, tonight drives her anxiety, her fears and her nightmares. Instead of stepping away, she sits in the same spot for two not-so-long hours. She’s travelling into an unknown world relentlessly. Yes, it’s scary. It gives her the jitters, the creeps and everything in between. But she HAS to tread into these dangerous waters. They call out to her… 

Those dangerous waters are infamously known as “Forbidden”. She hesitantly  paints the pictures of the forbidden. All so inviting, all so tempting- The red indicating danger, but enticing her further. The blue signifying sadness but drowning her fears. The yellow calling out to her and welcoming her. 

She draws a rustic image, with a haphazard smearing of all colours. It’s raw, it’s new, it’s dangerous. It’s WRONG. Her conscience diminishing with every passing second, perhaps even milli second. She’s making Forbidden her home. She’s welcoming “Impulse” in her life. Her once black and white life had now pushed her into the Grey. 

It was fancy, it was dirty. It was chaos, it was calm. It was prim, it was random. She embraced it, with more than open arms – stretching them as far and as wide as humanely possible. Impulse was her new best friend. 

The rain is phasing out, but her mind is still loitering in the land of Forbidden. Exploring every corner, carving her niche there. She would excel here, she contemplated of living here. With the reds, the blues and the yellows. Making the Grey her own; immersing herself in the Greys of her life, celebrating them for the first time. 

She gives into the temptation, she embellishes her Grey. She knows she will never be the same again… 


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