Hungover on Thoughts.

I wake up every day; hungover.

Hungover on the thoughts of him.

His words echo in my love-sick brain,

And his stories etched in my dreams…

I wake up every morning; hungover.

Hungover on the feeling of him.

I spend my nights reliving his conversations,

And days – Obsessing over them.

I wake up every morning,

Exhausted and Confused.

I sink in deeper and I fall harder.

I wake up every day, trying to rid myself off him.

I get high on the sound of his voice when he utters my name,

I’m lost in his maze of insinuating gazes.

I don’t need alcohol to shed my inhibitions.

He’s more potent; more easy on my system; more difficult on my heart.

Am I an alcoholic? Perhaps.

As the thoughts of him leave my system, I need him back.

Just to make me feel the high and the lightheartedness.

The cure for a hangover is more alcohol, they say.

That is how I wake up everyday,

Hungover; craving for him…

Hoping that he stays up all night,

Drunk on the thoughts of me, too.



PS – This is a sequel to one of the older pieces – Drunk on Thoughts.

If you haven’t read it yet, check it out –



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