My Black Hole. 

I’m collapsing. I have a void in me, now turning into a vacuum of humongous proportions. It’s my personal Black Hole…

My personal Black Hole embellished with the memories of the mountains, the people, the terrain and the food. You never know what you miss till you experience it, right? Maybe not. I missed the mountains before I set foot on the journey.

The mountains call. They call to you and to me. They yearn for your love and appreciation, too. They give, give and give; all they want in return is for someone to pay heed. For someone to look at them with lust, wanting to cover every inch of their body.

Oh, my dear, dear mountains. They seduced me, enticed me, charmed me and now I’m left with a void. I FEEL their absence; I seek refuge their bucolic mazes and their plethora of kindhearted, warm souls.

I’m collapsing due to the absence of the mighty mountains… Cloistering myself in my delightful  Black Hole of memories and peace.


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