From a Love-sick me to a Smitten you… 

“In my plethora of regrets, I’ll have you some day, occupying a rather large area. If there were a throne in this Plethora, I’d crown you the King and for myself, I’d be the queen. At least, in such a languid dimension, we’d be something more.

I don’t regret meeting you. I regret falling for you, deeper, harder, faster till it takes a toll on me. I regret laughing at every single one of your futile attempts to cheer me up; I regret wanting to hold you tighter. I regret craving your presence and more importantly, I regret writing to you and for you.

If I could turn back time, to undo us… I wouldn’t. I’d rather have you as the King of my regrets than have no memory of you whatsoever. I’d rather feel the pain and the itch than have never read your letter again.

From a love-sick me to a smitten you. “


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