The Victims of Time.

The sound of the clocks ticking, the whoosh of the cold winter breeze entering her room, the glare of the light and the creaking sound of the door… They all mocked her today. All perfectly timed laughs, first the clocks followed by the wind and climax – the door. They ridiculed her very existence tonight. Tonight, today doesn’t matter. You don’t really care about the time when your core seems to be shaken and dethroned.

Who was once her friend – the comforting silence of 3 am, was now her arch nemesis. The silence had given way to the mockery. It was ironic how she had shed innumerable tears over futile issues. And now when she needed an outlet, they betrayed her. Yes, even her tears betrayed her. She used to proudly say that the two things she needed in her life were tissues and tears. Again, the irony.

What had happened that turned everything and everyone against her, she wondered. Contemplate, wonder, think, overthink… She had done it all. She could feel the bitterness seeping into her body like a spirit possessing a human vessel. The girl in love with love was now losing her faith. Miserable, isn’t it?

Maybe love is not meant to last. Maybe there are no happily ever afters. After all, we’re mere mortals clinging on to every minute ray of hope to console us, to help us feel better. Ultimately, we’re all just scared of solitude and we get drunk on the idea of forever to feel the high; to dance while we’re high and call it life. We’re all delusional beings, aren’t we?

Who could blame her? She was just another aimless, wandering soul – trying to find a place for herself, hoping to build her home. But silly girl didn’t understand that you can’t make homes out of humans. No matter what security they bring along, they have their own baggage as their furniture. Over time, the baggage increases till there’s no place for you anymore.

She’s stuck in a funny world, in the wrong time. That’s all we all are – The Victims of Time. Everything can be right but the timing – All wrong. You can fall in love with the right person at the wrong time and have disastrous consequences. The Victims of Time, at least now she had something to blame, something to seek her closure from…


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  1. Tej parekh says:

    Nice one


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