Colours & Seasons.

Colours and Seasons. Colours and Seasons… Pass right by me. The scorching yellow of the summer and the lifeless grey of the monsoon; the withering orange of the autumn and the dark blues of the winter, all pass through me. I stand there lifeless, opaque and, hollow. These Colours and Seasons pass right through me.

But I did not ask for this. I want to cherish the sunny blue days of the summer, swimming in lakes and ponds. I yearn to drench my soul in the green of the monsoon showers. I pray to be reborn like the rusty leaves of the autumn. I wish to shudder at the cloudy greys of the winter.

Yet, I stand here, draped in white. Every day, the white haunts me – Like the ghost of my past. Every hour, the white reminds me that I can never be smeared with colour again. Every minute, the white defeats me. Every second, the white chokes me.

The white which stood for purity now weights on my shoulder. The minute I drape my white saree, I am no longer a human. I’m a lifeless, opaque and, hollow entity… As the Colours and Seasons pass right through me.


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