To the Nice Guys… 

” I have a plethora of incomplete love stories, 

That hide behind my eyes, 

That play peek-a-boo every time I laugh at your futile jokes,

I have a plethora of incomplete and hurtful love stories. 
I’m known to fall for the bad apples, 

I have an eye for details,  

Details of destruction, evidently. 
So, when an awkward, nice guy, 

Happens to stumble upon my existence, 

I have my reasons as ammunition, 

A strong wall of polite rejections, 

A bucket full of – “I don’t see you that way.”

And bullets of -“Let’s not ruin what we share.”

Hand grenades of meaningless sorries, 

I’ll even call us the ‘victims of time’ because I’m too scared for confrontation. 

I have them all ready. All at arms, waiting for my command. 

This war unfolds, for my pretense to stay at a moral high ground. 
Truth be told, I’m known to fall, 

Fall too hard, fall too deep, 

All for the wrong ones. 

Why, you ask? I wish I knew. 

Probably because you can’t fix the good ones. 
Instead, I spare myself the guilt, 

The guilt of possibly breaking your heart, 

The unease of turning you into a cold stone. 

The burden of being your first. 

I want to stray away from that path. 
So, I take the easy way out, 

Blame it on who I am, 

Ensuring you have no doubts

Because there’s no such thing as – He’s too nice for me, right? 

So, every time I meet a nice guy, 

I know what I have to say 

“Let’s be friends” and 

“Don’t fall in love with me”

Because honey, I’m not here to stay. 


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