My Superpower. 

I’m no wonder woman or supergirl, 

Neither am I poison ivy. 

But I too, have a superpower, 

The kind you don’t find in comic books, 

The one that makes grown men cry. 

It’s been hiding in plain sight,

Difficult to sense, 

But felt by all? 

I couldn’t go all Clark Kent on it. 

Neither did I have an Alfred to help me. 

The first demonstration happened 

When I was a little baby, 

Just born, 

Shivering and sobbing, 

And my father cried. 

Completely unaware of my powers, 

I continued to live oblivious to its existence. 

Was there a Robin to my batman, 

Or was it just me, alone, 

Trudging through this relentless world? 

The next ‘man’ who cried, 

Was the one who claimed to love me. 

Every artist needs a muse. 

And he found his in mine. 

We had a fairy tale beginning, 

And a Bollywood ending. 

Hatred and flares in the air. 

Buckets of tears because I supposedly didn’t care.

Then came another, 

Like the lightning in a cloudless night. 

Stunning and blinding everybody, 

With his glory. 

For he was the weapon of choice, 

Of Zeus himself. 

But he undermined my power. 

And it rained on that cloudless night.

Then there was one, 

Short-lived yet strong. 

He entered my life, a minute tremor. 

But led to an earthquake, 

Shaking the core, stroking the magma. 

My powers unleashed, 

Into the tsunami of his doing.

And then they were many, 

But I knew my potential. 

I gave them all warnings,

With sign boards which yelled ‘Do Not Enter’. 

You can’t play with fire,

And cry when you get burnt. 
My powers – beyond control. 

My regret – beyond remuneration. 

There’s a reason why

With great power comes great responsibility. 


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