Process of Poetry. 

Poets make poetry like they make love. 

It begins slow,

And then all at once.


We let the words 

Linger on our lips 

For a few seconds too long.

We find that spot

And hit it. 

Once, twice and thrice, 

Till you feel it.

We find that rhythm, 

Which originates from within, 

Creating melody on the blank canvas of your body.

And as the words move from our lips, 

To our chest, 

To our core,

We tremble.


We craft that graceful sonnet, 

Like two bodies,

Moving to the music  of the soul.

You see, writing poetry is a lot like making love.

It’s a gradual crescendo, 


Of all the right moves, 

The right expressions, 

Before we’re left gasping for breath and wanting more. 

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