The ‘How It Began’

In case you’re wondering or have ever wondered how this female started writing and how does she come up with the utmost erratic topics, do go on.

In case you’ve never wondered that – WHY are you still here?

The first step to writing about erratic and very feeble topics is :


Let me elaborate (of course, what did you expect) – It’s only when you lead a slothful life, you come to terms with the ‘mundaneness’ and you are forced to find minute things very interesting. Like the fluttering of a bird’s wings, the sparks flying from a welding machine, the lecture that you’ve been attending… And the list goes on!

( Please note, I’m not promoting procrastination… I’m just a firm believer )

Now, to the topic at hand – How did I start writing?

My life is nothing but a series of epiphanies. So, picture this –

” Once upon a time, in a pretty little room lived an adorable girl trying to convince her parents.

She – Why would you not get me a doctor’s kit?

Them – What are you going to do with it?

( her tinier brother stood in the corner, trying to summon the puppy face)

She- I’ll learn to be a doctor!

(In her defense, she was seven years old.)

Them – (SIGH!)

She – (tears accumulating) I’m NEVER talking to you again!!

So, the little girl sat sobbing in her room and her brother (finally) summoning the puppy dog face stood in one corner, witnessing the birth of something legendary. After half an hour of crying and tear filled glances to her parents, the idea bulb turned on!

Instead of shooting the teary looks every five minutes or so, she wrote them a letter. A letter which stated why she deserved the doctor’s kit and how it could make a very nice gift since Children’s Day is just around the corner (yeah, that’s the legendary part). The childish letter, written in a barely legible scrawl was a humongous success (obviously) and she received what she deserved – A bigger Doctor’s Kit!

She then learned to be a counterfeit doctor and developed interest in Grey’s Anatomy ten years later, only to transform into an engineer.

Nevertheless, she live happily ever after!”




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